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Theme around the sea

In Gouville-sur-mer, shellfish farming and fishing predominate, the oyster beds in Gouvillais are among the most important on the Normandy coast. Since 2010, the town bears the label “Tourist town”, in particular for its religious buildings, its coast (beach, Sénéquet lighthouse, dunes, beach huts, Vauban hut) and its mill.

With some of the strongest tides in Europe, all sea lovers will be delighted (fishing on foot, lazing on the beach or water sports), the sea is 1 km 500 from the castle (by hiking trails).

All lovers of the countryside will be too with its hiking trails, marshes and woods.

Between Earth and sea

Between Land and Sea, there are many leisure activities in Gouville, you can concoct beautiful walks to discover unsuspected landscapes (marshes, harbours, bays, dunes, etc.). If you are a fan of long horseback riding on the beach, get in touch with the riders of Bel-air and if you prefer to come with your horses, it is with Emilie (our close neighbor). She holds a boarding house for horses and will be able to accommodate them. It is possible to rent bikes at the center garage in Gouville.

For lovers of sea spray, a kite surfing school will allow you to experience great sensations. Otherwise the dry port offers the rental of motor boats and jet skis. In a different genre, inherited from the industrial history of the region once famous for weaving wool, the Filature building is now an exhibition space. In high season, other activities are offered: visits to the oyster beds in horse-drawn carriages, swimming, aquagym lessons, tennis, shore fishing, plastic art workshops, sand yachting, skimboarding… Gouville-sur-mer tourism will be able to provide you with more detailed information on current or future events.


A few kilometers away, go for a short walk to the tip of Agon (a must-see natural site) and take a look as you pass the lighthouse. Discover “la maillard”, the unique fisheries in Europe: “la petite” at the tip of Agon and “la maillard” at Hauteville-sur-mer. In Agon-Coutainville (19th century seaside resort) you can enjoy its long promenade on the dyke, play a golf course (18 holes), play tennis, go to the Casino, the Cinema, or even go to the cultural center.

The nautical club offers sand yachting, trimaran, catamaran or longe-côte courses or sessions.

The association Avril militant for an environment and a sustainable development could also enlighten you on the local fauna and flora.

Local products

La Manche has an almost infinite range of refined and quality local products! It is famous for its seafood and more particularly oysters, mussels, lobster, and scallops, but also its fruits (apples, pears, quinces, wild blackberries, plums, etc.) and its vegetables. (sand carrots, leeks, vegetables of yesteryear…) of all kinds, meats with fine flavors including salt-meadow lamb, biscuits, caramels and of course cider, cheese, butter, cream … What happiness for our taste buds!

shops and restaurants

You can get your supplies directly from local producers (farms and shellfish farming area) or on the surrounding markets (among others the Gouville Market takes place on Friday mornings, all year round, and Monday mornings in July and August). You will find all the shops and amenities (U Express supermarket, butcher, la p’tite boulange, florist, Sénéquet pharmacy, bar/tabac/PMU) 1km from the Château in the center of Gouville.

500m from the castle, you will find the antelope; a creperie bar/tabac. At Gouville Plage, you will come face to face with Les Dunes, a restaurant/bar nestled as its name suggests in the dunes. It offers a breathtaking view of the sea. You can have a drink there or eat on site (traditional cuisine facing the sea).

In summer, Le Boa, an atypical pop-up bar, also sets up shop on the square facing the sea. You can drink a cocktail or nibble on a “world cuisine” dish outside. For fast food and take-out, go to Tandem de la plage in summer (pizza, burgers and sweet treats) or Kebab demky all year round (the king of kebabs and hot/cold sandwiches!). A program of concerts and shows punctuates local life.

moules frites restaurant Gouville-sur-Mer et Agon-Coutainville

Festivals and historical heritage

The Pays de Coutances is also festive. Current music, electro, jazz, blues, all types of music are invited here with festivals such as Jazz under the apple trees in Coutances, Quai des Blues in Regnéville-sur-Mer, Chauffer dans la Noirceur in Montmartin-sur-mer, Dox art in Hambye! Also noteworthy among the remarkable events is the thousand-year-old fair of Sainte Croix in Lessay.

Country of Bocage but also of littoral, cradle of the sons of Tancred who founded in the 11th century the kingdom of Sicily, it testifies a dense historical, maritime and cultural heritage: from the Gothic cathedral of Coutances, to the lime kilns of Regnéville, passing through farms and mansions, the castles of Cerisy-la-salle, Gratot and Pirou, or more from Regnéville, the abbeys of Blanchelande, Hambye and Lessay, churches and chapels, gardens and parks… The country has many treasures!