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Preparing for your wedding

  •  Projection in the places facilitated by sending the plans of the lodgings with the estimate or the rental contract.
  • The establishment open to the public (ERP) is category 5. Its fire safety system meets standards. The premises are non-smoking.
  • Find your weeding planner locally
  • Food level:
    • Choose from local producers – if you wish, I will help you select short-cycle products; Charcuterie, cheese, seafood platter, oyster bar…
    • Use a specialist wedding caterer, a rotisserie, or a griller for your festivities.
    • Tailor-made and on request, I prepare brunches, buffets, breakfasts….
  • For your receptions or your secular ceremonies, facing the castle, in this box of greenery and old stones, possibility of enlarging and creating a reception room of a chosen size; 75m2, 150m2, 75m2 + 150m2, 150m2 + 150m2… depending on Dox’event stock availability.
  • Possibility to rent and install in the garden one or more barnums according to your desires.
  • You will find the possibility of locally renting furniture, crockery, a sound system with light effects, a DJ, etc.
  • Your weeding planner can decorate the place according to your wishes. Local florists can be his best allies!